Wonderful Two!

On Annelise’s actual birthday, Mommy and Daddy took her to the Sealife Aquarium in Grapevine. Everyone else was working and Abuela couldn’t make it :( …so we had a family day! Annelise was pretty excited to go see the fish!



Daddy never misses an opportunity for a kiss!



“Oh Hello!” Seriously! She said this to the lobster…no idea where she gets it from!



Heading to the next room with Daddy!



Why did we come in here again and who is going to get me out?!?!?!



They had some neatly decorated tanks.



Pretty cool.



And the shark tunnel!!



Annelise and Mommy’s feet standing over the tank!



Annelise wondering why Mommy is so wierd!



We found another side of the shark tank…



And a family shot of us!



Annelise loves playing on these things! We had to tear her away!



After the Aquarium, we went into the mall to grab lunch and ran into a carousel…this girl loves carousels!! She got a free ride because it was her birthday, so Daddy took her on the carousel!



We had to let her ride again, she loved it so much!!



Oh hello Mommy!



We thought she would enjoy a nutella crepe, but it was not so great… Mommy took one for the team and finished it off!



After coming home for a very short nap, Daddy had to go shoot an engagement session, so us girls took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to the park! We ended up running into our friends from Church and stayed for 2.5 hours! Annelise LOVED it!!



What a great end to a wonderful day celebrating Annelise’s big 2!! She went to bed early and slept like a rock after only a 10 min nap all day… :) Happy 2nd Birthday my little love!

Mommy decided to keep the 2nd birthday party to just family, but that didn’t slow down the fun, excitement or activities!! This sweet two year old girly girl just LOVES the show Go Diego Go, or as she says, ” Go Giedo Go!” Tee hee! So for our party supplies we only went to the little boys section of Party City. ;) We greeted everyone with Diego temporary tattoos… Luckily everyone was game!!
Annelise was first and chose the baby jaguar. I’m not surprised at all!


She showed off a little to GG!


So GG got her own! GG has an elephant, Mommy has diego and Annelise has a lion (she needed another one on her other hand as everyone else was getting a tattoo!).


Mommy cooked slow cooker chicken tortilla soup for dinner.


Annelise enjoyed a little bit of the soup…


A little lady has to be polite and use her napkin.


Then it was time for cake! Annelise had her own large cupcake and we all enjoyed regular cupcakes!

A2ndbday021“Happy Birthday to you!” (This was the first time we sang…)

A2ndbday035Annelise was ready to blow out her candles!


A2ndbday049Hmmm….why didn’t the candles go out?! It took 4 tries and 4 repeats of “Happy Birthday to you!”, then Mommy and Daddy gave a little assist so we could all dig in!

A2ndbday050I’m thinking if I would have made her first birthday cake a chocolate one, she might have been more interested in it… She loved the cake this time and the little candies on top!


Daddy had the great idea…


So, he took care of the clean up to make it better!


As if her large cupcake wasn’t enough, Abuelo thought she needed a bite of his…and apparently Annelise was ok with the idea. She wanted her cupcake and then some!


After we enjoyed the cupcakes, we started taking some pics. Annelise was searching for a baby jaguar with her Daddy!


Annelise and Mommy looking for butterflies!


Annelise and Uncle David found Diego!


Annelise and her Abuelos blowing the whistle!


Exploring the scene for a dance party with her Tios!


And off she goes!!


What on earth are her other Tios doing?! They might have found a most rare and beautiful butterfly!


Such a fun party, time for a little snooze!


Saving the best for last…GG and Annelise getting ready to capture bugs!


Annelise was showered with lots of clothes this birthday! She really enjoyed pulling the tissue paper and clothes out of the bags….things were thrown everywhere!


Mommy and Daddy gave Annelise dress up items. Possibly a little early, but too much fun nevertheless! And so she was crowned the princess of the house…as if there was any doubt!






A princess needs all her jewelry on! Thanks Daddy!

A2ndbday217But at the end of the day the crown must come off…


And the necklace, too, although thats a little more tricky!


Just kidding, an outfit change was JUST what this little princess needed! And…




At her request…she had a dance with Daddy! My twirling princess!


This little two year old has some serious moves. Twisting down to the floor…


She humored Abuelo for a little with a dance!


And Mommy…


And then she thought she saw something!


I have NO idea who she has learned her facial expressions from.


Then it was back to Daddy for her last dance. :) My sweet little princess.


Annelise got to play pin the badge on Diego all by herself because we forgot to play until the end of the night and she was the only kiddo there… ;) She LOVED this game! lol


Annelise loved her birthday party with all the family that was close enough to attend!! She had so much fun being showered with love!! We are so thankful for such a loving, wonderful family to surround her with!

It’s always interesting around here now that she’s conversing…

A: eyebrows (pointing at Mommy’s eyebrows)
M: Yep, those are my eyebrows.
A: one, two three four five eyebrows!
M: yikes, ok, I better go get ready for the day….

Mommy wearing new shoes around the house
A: randomly runs up to me, points at shoes and says, “beautiful shoes” and runs off.
M: definitely a good purchase!

Annelise pointing at pic of mommy and daddy
A: mommy papi
M: yeah, that’s mommy and daddy on their honeymoon, right after we got married.
A: got married, how?
M: how did we get married?
A: yes
M: well, we went to the church and the priest married us.
Here we go…

Annelise peeking around table to see GG sneaking her chocolate from Olive Garden…
Mommy: Uh oh, do you see GG eating her chocolate?
Annelise: Yes, I love chocolate…
Mommy: You already had yours!

Annelise: Mommy, you look so cute!
Mommy: Aww, thank you baby!

A: Yook (Look) mommy!
M: What is that, baby?
A: buggers!!
Uh oh…

Sitting at table eating dinner:
A: oh hello GG! How are you?
GG: I’m fine, how are you?
A: (giggling as if GG was being silly) I’m right here!!

We talk ALL day long. I love it. It’s so much fun watching her thought process and seeing her personality come out. Love her.

St Patty’s Day!

Playgroup for the win again! Annelise and I snuck in a quick St Patty’s day playdate before our regular girls lunch with GG. Annelise loved making a shamrock…but mostly just playing with her little friends.


After lunch, we went to visit GGs gentleman friend, Ed. Annelise wanted to hold both of our hands. So sweet.


Annelise was delighted to meet a “pee-corn” outside of Ed’s place!


He was pretty amusing!


Happy St Patricks Day 2013!! One irish blessing that I wish you all…

May you be in heaven 30 minutes before the devil knows you’re dead!

Cars cars cars!

This past weekend, Uncle David came back into town to attend the Dallas Auto Show. He had never been to a car show, even though he loves cars!! Annelise has never been to a car show and Daddy really likes cars…so we made a day out of it!

Annelise whined until Daddy let her drive the truck, too…this is Daddy’s next purchase…



The US Army was representing, so Uncle David took Annelise up on the truck. She didn’t want to come down…



Then Mommy took Annelise to the kids play area…we might have stayed there an hour. She loved it! She most likely test drove every car there…but don’t worry, she filled up with gas when necessary!



She checked mail…



And moved every single street sign…!! She might have caused or prevented accidents this day.



This girl makes her own rules!



This time around, Annelise actually moved the car on her own! Woohoo!



Daddy helped Annelise get her hands on a Maserati…



And Chevrolet had a great photobooth…7 seconds of video turned into a flip book of fun! What a great memory for the day!


What a fun day at the Dallas Auto Show, 2013! Thanks for the idea, Uncle David!


Very first haircut!

It took almost 2 years…but on March 5th, 2013, Annelise Itzel had her very first haircut! She had random strands that were much longer than the rest. None long enough to get in her face, but enough to look pretty scraggly. Unfortunately, the cut took off most of her curls at the back, but overall, it looks more even, healthy and just plain adorable!
Annelise wasn’t too impressed with the salon set up. She got to sit in a pink car…



Poor thing was clawing to get out of said pink car…



No amount of reasoning would calm her down…





Offering my phone and a sucker didn’t even bribe her…



She was pretty pitiful.



Good thing it only took about 5 mins.



Here is the only recent shot showing the back of her hair as she waited for Uncle David at the airport the next day. All the trauma of her first haircut totally forgotten.



Here is another closer view of her haircut, in black and white, with Mommy on the airplane coming home from Merida, Mexico. Ponytails aren’t the same anymore without the extra length on top, but when its down, it looks much healthier. :)


Life’s a beach!

Life’s a beach! At least our family fairytale of a life is! ;) Annelise and Mommy were lucky enough to tag along with Daddy for another wedding in Merida, Mexico. We were offered a friend’s beach house for the few days we would be there. Perfect. We started the vacation with Annelise falling asleep on me…this rarely happens. Love it.


American Airlines is genius. Free wifi over American territory that works for facebook only. So I took this pic between wrestling my active almost 2 year old. Love flying for views like this. Amazing.



Annelise enjoys playing anywhere we are…even waiting for a rental car!


Palms are GREAT for peek-a-boo!!


I realize how much of a bad decision this was, but I thought the stroller would be more important than her carseat (since we were renting anyway and the rental company should have a good carseat). Right. The next day we picked up the second seat they offered us-the first being without buckles!?! This seat functioned, but I was super nervous about only having the 3 point harness rather than the 5 point. Luckily, we did not have any accidents. Thank God. We also had to improvise for sleeping comfort…


We had a little time to explore the beach in Cancun.


Annelise was definitely NOT impressed with the sand or water…


Our drive from Cancun to Merida.


We settled in to the beach house after travelling for two days, dinners with friends both nights and I woke up to my regular sight…


There were just a few differences…the sound of the waves outside hitting the shore. I love the ocean. Then there was the master balcony outside the wall of windows. Be still my heart. This might be my fav picture of the trip.


My little beach girl ready for some sight seeing. Unfortunately, the wind was up and she couldn’t wear this super cute hat for long.


And we’re off! Annelise put her own glasses on…big girl!


She loved chasing the seagulls, but had only one request…that Daddy shake out her shoes every step!


It’s probably just easier exploring this way. ;)


Noooo!! Help-a-Mama!!


We had fun feeding the seagulls tortilla chips. We each only got pooped on once, but that means good luck, right?


This area really reminded me of the sabca (salt swamp) in Oman. We didn’t stop to check it out, though.


We came back to the beach house for some afternoon swimming…or sunning!


It was still a tad chilly for swimming. So we went and hung out on the balcony to enjoy some sweet time together. Oh this girl. She has my heart.


We ended our family day with a nice dinner in Progresso. This was the best restaurant ever. They had a trampoline for the kids to play on…she was in heaven!


And a plane swing! Its a surprise we even got her out of there to eat dinner!


Our gorgeous view from the beach house. Annelise and I hung out while Daddy worked a very long wedding. She was covered in hives from the milk (we think) and a sunburn…so we layed low, watched movies and played outside for just a bit…




Thinking warm thoughts as we tried to swim…still a tad chilly…oh well.


Our other portrait together.


We watched the sunset on the balcony. And had some fun playing with the camera.


Mommy gets a little silly sometimes!


The neverending ocean.


This was one happy girl. She loved this balcony.


A little collage of all my fav pics from this evening. I just love my girl.


Getting ready to run to Mommy!


One last shot of the sunset…I could get used to this.


We headed back to Cancun the next day and tried to stop at Chichen-Itza to show Annelise. We made it there at 415, but it closed at 430 and they had already stopped selling tickets. Boo. This is as close as we got. There is always next time. I’m sure we’ll be back.


We stopped for dinner on our way back and the restaurant had a hammock. I finally convinced Annelise to sit with me. And she was hooked!!


Me and my girl.


Then she discovered how much more fun Daddy is with hammocks! ;)


When you travel, you shouldn’t pack more than you can carry….or push…! teehee!


Annelise is not quite a forest gump fan, yet…


But she does like to hitch a free ride!


Slowly, but surely getting closer to home. This Mommy was ready to be home. Annelise came home with a week long rash of hives from a reaction to milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated (?!) and a sunburn. Mommy came home with the ever so common stomach bug from the water…first time ever and even though I was so careful. Unfortunately, I didn’t even lose weight…just felt pretty bad for a few days.


We all really enjoyed our mini family vacation to Merida, Progresso and the middle of nowhere beach house, Mexico! It was wonderful to be social media free for most of the week. I missed sharing my little girl with the world, but loved our quality family time together. It just doesn’t happen often enough.


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